Vintage Africa Series -1.


Breakfast Bites. To stay or not to stay.

British Know How.      

Press Review 2. The Fall Issue.

I don’t have access to my beloved coffee shop these days but with my homemade mocha (see The breakfast Club for recipe) and these stories – it ‘s like I am there. The… Continue reading

Press Review. The old school issue.

There are some stories that are just perfect with a cup of good coffee. This is my current selection. Advice to lovers: The ultimate cure for writer’s blog:     Wash… Continue reading

Coffee and cupcakes by the sea.

A trip to Kent would not be complete without a quick stop in a beach town. My favourite is only 10 minutes drive from Canterbury: in addition to a stroll on the beach,… Continue reading

Stroll and coffee in Canterbury.

The time is here. Next week I will finally be moving back to London. As I probably have already mentioned, forgive me for repeating myself quite often, I spent the past year studying… Continue reading

Scottish Coffee refill.

A good thing about living in a capital is that you have everything close to you, right ? Well one of the many things I like is going on expeditions around these capitals.… Continue reading

The point.

I move a lot. There are 2 things that all people I have met have agreed upon when it comes to my character. I am quirky and I am a traveller. To that I… Continue reading

The tunes.

Perfect coffee shop tunes. Not necessarily in that order.  Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA Beirut – Postcards from Italy Bob Dylan – A hard rain a gonna fall Bob Dylan – Oxford town The XX – Islands The… Continue reading

Instagraming Congo.